Düsseldorf Rheinturm

In a height of about 170 meters you’ve got a wide view in all directions.

Duisburg Landschaftspark-Nord

The former steelworks in Duisburg during the day. In the background you can see one of the towers currently being renovated. 20 years ago still an unsecured area, the Landschaftspark Nord is today an attraction ...

Volksfest Schweinfurt 2018 – Opening Fireworks

The last years I’ve everytime photographed the fireworks from the Volksfest in Schweinfurt near of the stadium (where it starts). This year I wanted to catch some emotions and so I decided to take pictures ...

Biking season started

Temperatures above 10 degrees means biking season has started. So clean up your bicycle an go for a ride – again and again and again …

Baby bump outdoor shooting with Corinna

Sunny day, attractive people, mother to be – What could you get more for a shooting on sunday?

Baby bump indoor shooting with Corinna

Little shoes by Nike

Lake Garda Italy

Sirmione – Lemone – Malcesine – Saló

Prague and Plzeň

It’s been a while that I have been to Prague with my best friend. We’re took a tour through Prague by foot and collected many kilometers. We both took many pictures with our cameras und ...

Hall of mirrors – Register office Aschaffenburg

Very pretty looking room for marriage by register office is the hall of mirrors in Aschaffenburg placed in a park. The location is used by many pairs for their marriage.

Wedding Schloss Sulzheim

My friends asked me in 2015 to photo shoot their planned marriage. This pair is very funny and I had a lot of fun while shooting before and during the marriage. The location Schloss Sulzheim ...


Beatiful colors. Nothing else to say.

Thinking of…

Half-turkish and half-german wedding


Photos taken over the years in different countries and locations. Explained with one word: Focus.

Fall 2017 – Grafenrheinfeld

Before the winter came really to Unterfranken there were many nice weather situations in October and November 2017. On my way home after work I could’nt resist and shot these awesome photos on different days ...

Enduro Race Mainfranken Motorcross Schwarze Pfütze

Moments from the Enduro Race in Mainfranken on 30.07.2017. The location is called „Schwarze Pfütze“ and is being used for motorsport events and training units.  

Fotowalk Schweinfurt 2017

The first meet up with other photographers and models in Schweinfurt last summer in 2017. Had a lot fun and met many new people for future projects.


Winter Wonder Land 2018